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Reporting Anti-Social Behaviour

We recognise the impact anti-social behaviour has on individuals and communities. We operate a victim centred approach to dealing with it and will make it is as easy as possible for anyone to report anti-social behaviour which has been caused by or directed towards our tenants, members of their household or visitors.

Before making a complaint, please consider whether you can resolve the issue yourself. Many one-off instances can be resolved by simply talking through the problem with the person involved. Often a neighbour is not aware that their behaviour is upsetting you.

You can contact us in a number of ways:

  • by telephone on 0115 905 1515 
  • by emailing us details of your complaint to enquiries@gedlinghomes.co.uk
  • in person at our Offices
  • by letter to Neighbourhoods,  Gedling Homes, Gedling House, Wood Lane, Gedling, Nottingham, NG4 4AD

What Happens Next?

We are committed to responding early and effectively to complaints.

We do not deal with complaints alone, but work in partnership with other agencies in order to resolve the problem.  

One of our officers will discuss the matter fully with you, with any witnesses and with the person who is causing the problem in order to try and resolve the matter before it gets worse. We will also complete an action plan with you to detail what you would like to achieve.

We may ask you to keep a written record of any further incidents and we will supply you with Diary Record sheets in this case.  This may help if the situation cannot be resolved easily, as these records show the history of incidents.  It is therefore very important that the records you keep are as complete and accurate as possible as we may need to use legal remedies to resolve the issue.

Download copies of Diary Record forms

Download guidance notes to help you when completing these forms.

There are a number of possible outcomes from these discussions:

  • Mediation
  • Counselling
  • Witness support
  • Specialist support/intervention

What If The Problems Continue?

We have a number of options available to encourage the perpetrators to change their behaviour.

These currently include:

  • Injunctions
  • Demoted Tenancy proceedings
  • Eviction
  • Criminal prosecution

Evidence you provide on the Diary Record sheets will enable us to take enforcement action if necessary.  If you are required to go to court to give evidence in person we will discuss it fully with you first and will not start action without your consent.  If you do agree to go to court we will offer you support in preparing your statement and attending any hearing.

What Will Happen After Enforcement Action Has Been Taken?

The situation will continue to be monitored until you are satisfied that the problem has stopped and the case will then be closed.  We will carry out a post-case review with you to assess your level of satisfaction with our service and to identify any areas for improvement.

If you have any other questions about anti-social behaviour please ring us on 0115 905 1515 and ask for Neighbourhoods or e-mail us at enquiries@gedlinghomes.co.uk.