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Your Tenancy Agreement

All new tenancies provided by Gedling Homes are either assured tenancies or starter tenancies. Under the Housing Act of 1985 as amended by the Housing Act 1996 as tenants, you have a wide range of rights and a number of responsibilities.

If you are new to social housing when you are housed by Gedling Homes, you will become a starter tenant for the first 12 months.  If you keep to the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement you will automatically become an assured tenant after 12 months.  If you do not keep to any of these conditions we may take legal action against you, which may incur costs and could lead to you losing your home.

Your tenancy agreement is a very important document. It contains details of what you can expect from us, as your landlord, and your responsibilities as a tenant.  It is important that you read your agreement carefully and fully understand it.  Please contact your Neighbourhood Management Officer on 0115 905 1515 if there is anything you do not understand.

Your tenancy agreement states the following:

We will:

  • Let you live in your home for as long as you want to, as long as you keep to the conditions of your tenancy. (You may have heard that there are proposals to change this right – any changes will not affect existing assured tenants)
  • Let you know about any changes we want to make to your tenancy agreement or to the service we provide
  • Listen to your views on any proposed changes and give you at least four weeks' notice before any changes come into effect
  • Maintain the structure and outside of the building
  • Maintain the heating, sanitation, water, gas and electric equipment installed by us
  • Maintain shared areas such as entrances, hallways, stairs, lifts

You will:

  • Pay your rent in full and on time
  • Use your home as your main residence
  • Not sublet or permit overcrowding
  • Take care of fixtures and fittings – we may ask you to pay for any damage
  • Report any repairs promptly
  • Deal with minor internal repairs
  • Keep your garden and outside areas in a clean and tidy condition
  • Keep your home clean and reasonably decorated
  • Park any vehicles responsibly
  • Not cause nuisance to your neighbours
  • Not allow your family or visitors to cause nuisance to your neighbours
  • Not use or allow the property to be used for anything illegal or immoral
  • Ask us in writing for permission to carry out any improvements to your home
  • Ask us for permission if you want to keep any animals
  • You must look after any pets properly and ensure they do not cause a nuisance to others

Please refer to your tenancy agreement for full details.

Your signed tenancy agreement is an important document and you may need to refer to it in the future. Please keep it in a safe place.