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Ways to get involved

A little time to give

There are many informal ways to get involved, including:

  • Reading the tenant newsletter
  • Joining the conversation on Twitter and Facebook
  • Completing surveys and customer contacts forms
  • Attending tenant social events
  • Drop into your local Housing Surgery
  • Join your Neighbourhood Management Officer on Estate Walkabouts
  • To find out when things are happening in your area, visit our Events Calendar.

Be part of a group

If you would like to be more involved in helping to shape the services you receive, you can consider joining one of the GREAT groups below:

  • Tenant Voices
  • Leaseholder Forum
  • Sheltered Housing Forum
  • Editorial Panel
  • Tenant Inspectors
  • Gedling Local Offers Team

The top spot!

If you are really keen, you can come and join us at the top table and become a:

  • Tenant Board Member
  • Tenant Scrutiny Panel
  • Member of the Independent Complaints Panel

To express your interest please complete the Expression of Interest form. Alternatively you can email tenantinvolvement@gedlinghomes.co.uk or call the Customer Experience team on 0115 905 1515.