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Grounds maintenance and garden maintenance schemes

Grounds maintenance

What is grounds maintenance?

Grounds maintenance is provided for several locations of Gedling Homes land where residents are surrounded by shared areas of land that are not the responsibility of the residents to maintain.

The service includes:

  • Grass cutting 
  • Hedge cutting
  • Shrub and bed maintenance
  • Weed spraying

Who does the work?

From May 2018, Greenfingers contractors will be providing this work on behalf of Gedling Homes they will be taking over from the existing contract which was provided by Gedling Borough Council. . If you wish to ask any queries or questions about the new service please email enquiries@gedlinghomes.co.uk or visit www.greenfingers-group.co.uk

Garden maintenance

What is the garden maintenance scheme?

This is a service that tenants pay for to have their grass and hedges cut periodically throughout the year.

Who can apply to join the scheme?

If you are a Gedling Homes tenant or leaseholder, you can apply to join this scheme. Please call Neighbourhoods on 0115 905 1515 or email enquiries@gedlinghomes.co.uk (link sends e-mail)

How much will it cost?

The amount you have to pay for this service will depend upon the size of the grassed area to be cut and how big your hedge is.  If your garden or hedge is very overgrown there may also be an initial cost involved in bringing it back to a manageable standard.  You would be responsible for meeting this cost.  If you express an interest in joining this scheme we will tell you how much it will cost and how you can pay.

Will I be able to join if I receive Housing Benefit?

Yes you will, but you need to be aware that Housing Benefit will not cover this cost.  You will need to fund it yourself in another way.

How do we monitor the standard of work?

We carry out random checks on the quality of these works as we want to ensure that the services you are paying for are of a high standard.  If you have any comments about our garden maintenance scheme then please ring us on 0115 905 1515 and ask to speak to our Neighbourhoods team or email us at  enquiries@gedlinghomes.co.uk

Why should I keep my garden tidy?

Please remember that it is a condition of your Tenancy Agreement that you must keep any garden clean and tidy and look after it to a reasonable standard, with all lawns cut and hedges, shrubs and trees properly trimmed and tidy.  We carry out regular estate inspections to ensure that this is happening and do take action against tenants whose gardens are not clean and tidy