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Does Gedling Homes have garages to rent?

Yes, we have garages in most areas of Gedling Borough.

Who can rent a garage?

Anyone is welcome to apply, although we do give priority to tenants and leaseholders of Gedling Homes. 

How much does it cost?

Costs are modest and range from just under £8.00 per week for our tenants and leaseholders, to just over £10.00 for private residents.  

We ask for a £40.00 deposit at the start of a garage tenancy, which is refunded when the tenancy ends if all keys are returned, the garage is left in a clean and tidy condition and the rent is up to date.
What can I use a garage for?

If you rent a garage from Gedling Homes it must only to be used for storing your car or any other motor vehicle.  It should not be used for any business, trade or professional purpose.  No inflammable or potentially dangerous substances or materials should be stored in any garage, apart from the fuel in any vehicle.
Your Garage Tenancy

When you sign a garage tenancy we will explain your tenancy conditions. We will also tell you how to  report any repairs and discuss the ways in which you can pay the rent.
Ending your Garage Tenancy

You can end your garage tenancy by giving us one months notice to quit.  If you do not keep your rent account up to date we will end the tenancy by serving you with a notice to quit.
How do I apply for a garage?

To apply for a garage you need to complete an application form.  This can be downloaded using the link below.

Garages Application Form

Alternatively you can call us on 0115 905 1515 and ask for Gedling Homes Revenues Team or email enquiries @gedlinghomes.co.uk

Details of where are garages are located are included in the application form. Please remember that you will need to produce your DVLA vehicle documents (V5) before you can sign for a garage tenancy.