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Tenant Annual Report


Every year at Gedling Homes, we put together a Tenant Annual Report to let you know how we are doing. To inform you of the improvements we are making to your homes and communities, and to make promises for the year ahead.

Our Tenant Annual Report for 2016/17 can be found here

Previous years

Our Tenant Annual Report for 2015/16 can be found here.

For 2013/14 we created a video, featuring many of our tenants;

For full information on the Tenant Annual Report 2013/14, please click on the links below:

A massive thank you to all those who feature in our film:

Alicia, Arnold; Barbara, Arnold; Barbara, Gedling; Colin, Carlton; Craig, Arnold; Dalene, Arnold; David, Arnold; Diana, Carlton; Emma, Burton Joyce; Esther, Carlton; Jamie, Burton Joyce; Jean, Carlton; Joanne, Arnold; John, Carlton; Karen, Netherfield; Kenneth, Carlton; Richard, Arnold; Robert, Carlton; Sarah, Newstead Village; Stephen, Arnold; Veronica, Carlton