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Repairs Information

Who is responsible for repairs to my home?

Gedling Homes is responsible for most but not all of the repairs to your home.  The full list of repairs we are responsible for can be found in your Tenancy Agreement. 

Some of the more common repairs we will carry out are to:

  • Drains, gutters and pipe-work
  • External fabric of buildings, including roofs, windows and doors
  • Internal structure including plasterwork, walls, ceilings and floors
  • Chimneys, chimney stacks and flues
  • Garages and external stores
  • Principal pathways, steps and means of access
  • Boundary walls and fences
  • External painting

We will keep the installations in the property that provide water, gas, electricity, sanitation, central heating and water heating in good repair and proper working order.  We will also keep the common facilities including hallways, staircases, passages, landings, lifts, doors, lights, handrails, balustrades and door entry systems in good repair. 

What repairs am I responsible for?

You may be required to pay for repair or replacement if damage is caused to the property and/or the fixtures or fittings deliberately or by your own neglect, or the actions or neglect of people who live with or visit you (including children).

You are responsible for all minor non-structural repairs, including:

  • Replacing plugs and chains to baths, sinks and wash basins
  • Minor plaster cracks to internal walls and ceilings
  • Refitting doors after laying of carpets
  • Releasing windows stuck after internal painting

If you fail to do these repairs and we carry them out, you will be required to pay our expenses. Your home will be inspected when your tenancy ends and you will be charged for the cost of any repairs that are your responsibility or where damage has occurred.

You may also be required to pay for the costs of:

  • Reinstating any unauthorised or unsatisfactory alterations or improvements carried out by you
  • Repairs following an electrical fault / fire caused by you
  • Any damage caused to the home as a result of the lawful execution of a warrant by the Police
  • Any repairs required that are not deemed to be usual wear and tear
  • Any unnecessary call-out made by you to our Emergency Repair Service and/or other authorised body
  • Gedling Homes gaining access to your home on your behalf if you have lost your keys