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Terminating Your Tenancy

Your tenancy agreement is a legal document and it is very important that, when terminating your tenancy, you follow the correct procedure.

How much notice do I have to give?

In accordance with your tenancy agreement you are required to give us at least four weeks notice that you want to end your tenancy. You are liable to pay your rent during this period.

How do I terminate my tenancy?

This must be in writing and the easiest way to do this is by completing a termination form which you can get from our Customer Contact Centre in the Civic Centre, Arnot Hill Park, Arnold, Nottingham or by ringing us on 0115 905 1515 and asking for the Relets team.

You can download a copy via the link below. Please make sure you complete all sections, including why you are terminating your tenancy and the address you are moving to.  You must sign and date the form.

'Termination of Tenancy' Form

What happens next?

We will make an appointment for a Gedling Homes Officer to inspect your home before you move out. When you move out you must:

  • Leave your home, garden and any outbuildings in a reasonable condition
  • You will be charged for the cost of any repairs that are considered to be the result of willful damage or neglect
  • Remove all of your belongings and any rubbish.  If we have to remove any unwanted belongings or rubbish we will charge you
  • Notify your utility suppliers (gas, electric and water) that you are moving and make sure that you read the meters or arrange for them to be read
  • Ensure that where a gas appliance has been removed the pipes are properly capped off by a qualified gas fitter
  • Inform the Council Tax section at Gedling Borough Council on 0115 901 3950 that you are moving
  • Inform the Housing Benefit section at Gedling Borough Council on 0115 901 3970, if you are in receipt of housing benefit

Can we also advise you to have your mail redirected, as we are not responsible for forwarding any mail.  Your local Post Office will be able to assist with this.

Terminating a tenancy on behalf of someone who has died

If a tenant has died then the tenancy will be terminated on the Sunday following the keys being returned to us.  When asking for a termination form please make sure you tell us that you are terminating on behalf of a tenant who has died.  You can download a copy of the form here. A death certificate will need to be shown upon termination.

You should also contact the Housing Benefit section at Gedling Borough Council directly on 0115 901 3970  as this benefit is no longer paid from the date that the person has died.  In most cases any rent that is owed is claimed back from the person’s estate.

Returning your keys

Please hand in your keys to Gedling Homes Customer Contact Centre at the Civic Centre, Arnot Hill Park, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 6LU. 

If you wish to return your keys during the four week notice period, you should complete a termination form giving consent to enter the property within the notice period.  You can download a copy of this form here

If we receive any keys without a completed termination form, we will start our abandoned property procedure and it is likely you will incur further costs.