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General | 21/05/2020
Closed for Bank Holiday Monday 25 May 2020

We will be closed for Bank Holiday Monday 25 May 2020. While our offices and hubs remain closed, we will continue to operate from Tuesday 26 May, with reduced services owing…

General | 19/05/2020
What to expect when we attend a repair or maintenance appointment.

From 18 May 2020 and as an extension to the ‘emergency plus’ service, we will also be undertaking all urgent repairs. Please only call us about maintenance when you need…

General, Jigsaw Foundation, Neighbourhood | 19/05/2020
A treat meal for Gedling residents

Residents living in four Gedling Homes Independent Living schemes in Carlton received a meal as a treat during the lockdown. Following an online family festival called ‘Homefest’, which made over…

General | 14/05/2020
Beware of scammers during coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the livelihoods of millions of people across the world, with many being unable to work or losing their job completely. It appears, however, that scammers…

General | 11/05/2020
Jigsaw Group Gardening Competition 2020 Now Open!

Do you have a creative garden, yard, window box, lawn or hanging basket? Whether you have a huge garden, a collection of tubs on your balcony/patio or a shared space…

General | 07/05/2020
What we’ve been doing to help our residents during lockdown

It’s been over a month since the country went into lockdown. Local residents in Gedling appear to be coping well and remain in good spirits while social distancing measures, restricting…

General | 05/05/2020
Resuming some more of our maintenance services

You may have started noticing more of our vans and operatives out and about in your neighbourhood.  We continue to carry out Emergency Repairs, Gas Safety and Electrical Safety checks…

General | 29/04/2020
Coronavirus testing

As you may be aware, the Government has announced that anyone who is showing symptoms of coronavirus and is either over 65 years of age, an essential worker or unable…

General | 28/04/2020
Resuming contact via automation

Since the Covid-19 lockdown came into effect we have spoken with more than 8,000 of our tenants to try and help them should they be experiencing difficulties in paying their…

Jigsaw Foundation | 24/04/2020
Jigsaw Foundation grants £25,000 to local food banks

The Jigsaw Foundation team has been working hard to provide funding for the food banks which operate in our areas. At this moment in time there is nothing more important than looking after our communities and our tenants.