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How Are We Monitored?

Gedling Homes is monitored in a number of ways.

Tenant Inspectors

Gedling Homes Tenant Inspectors are a group of tenants who have been appointed to provide a quality check on the services we deliver. Our inspectors ensure that Gedling Homes services meet the needs of our tenants and the work they do helps improve customer satisfaction with these services. Tenant Inspectors can scrutinise all aspects of the services we provide from how we manage our estates to making sure we are keeping the promises we made to our tenants.

External Auditors

The finances of Gedling Homes are monitored by external auditors. This ensures that there are safeguards in place to prevent Gedling Homes getting into financial difficulties.

Gedling Borough Council

The Council has a formal contract with Gedling Homes and closely monitors compliance with this contract.

Board of Management

Gedling Homes’ Board of Management receive regular monitoring reports

By the Group

Being part of an existing housing group means the group as a whole work closely with Gedling Homes to ensure that it is performing to a high standard.